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Eli Manning Autographed Framed Giants Jersey

The depicted item is an autographed jersey of 2-Time Super Bowl Champion, Eli Manning. This jersey is a custom jersey and has been professionally framed in house at the Stadium Studio. We are the creator of some of the most unique framing in the sports memorabilia market, as we ARE NOT the go-between, WE ARE the source. We strive to produce the best bang for your buck, not the cookie cutter framing that is flooding the market.


Product Description

The attributes of this frame includes…

  • – Double Matted Framing with Suede Mat
  • – Frame hanging hardware attached
  • – UV Protected Acrylic (if it’s being shipped – glass used for in-store pick-up)
  • – Frame Measures 42 x 34
  • – Framing includes 1-8″x10″ and 1-4″x6″ photos and nameplate of the player, along with 2 Super Bowl replica tickets
  • – Framing includes MDF black moulding
  • – Custom Cut 3D Font

As the creator of this item, if it happens to be out of stock, we will contact you and provide you the images of it’s replacement (signature and authenticity). We are always able to reproduce the identical framing.

Additional Information

Weight 20 lbs


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